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Finding Your Fit

Picture a square peg and a round hole. No matter how the peg is manipulated, it’s not going to fit. Now, apply this analogy to our practice. While we wish we could be everything to everyone, we simply can’t. We place a colossal emphasis on cultivating and maintaing long-lasting, personal relationships with all of our clients. If you desire this, come and join us. If you do not, we understand and respect you just the same.

The Art of Listening & Connecting

Client Centered

Through the years, we’ve discovered that sometimes all a client wants is to be heard. Practicing absorbant listening not only allows us to hear you, but to understand you. You have specific needs, wants and challenges that deserve proper attention. At this firm, you will never be just another transaction. You will be an extension of our ECN family and a life-long relationship we hope to build and keep. 

We are communicators, we are educators and we are people. Our kind and empathetic approach is enfused with energy and tightly tethered to an inventive, detail oriented planning process. At the end of the day, we want to be the call you make when an issue arrises. Without a little help from our friends, this could never be accomplished. By combining ECN’s financial advising competencies with the impressive capabilities of our many trusted professional alliances, no stone is left unturned and no need is left unmet.

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